Guest Information

High-performance adventure sailing.

What to Bring

All Charters

Pack light for your sailing vacation

  1. Please pack light. Only bring soft, foldable luggage (duffle bag)
  2. Boat shoes/sneakers you can get wet
  3. Casual clothing
  4. Cover up clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, cap with visor, windbreaker/light sweater, prescription meds, motion sickness tablets, chapstick, eye-care items, CD's, a good book, camera, just enough outfits for the number of days, and a daypack/ditty bag
  5. Bathing suit, towel. Snorkel, mask, flippers if desired
  6. Bring your wanderlust, curiosity and sense of adventure... Leave your troubles behind!


  1. Beach towel)
  2. Toiletries
  3. Pillow (if you like your own)

Bahamas Sailing Vacations Only

  1. A passport and proper ID (driver's license, etc.) are required to enter through Customs in the Bahamas. Passports are required to return to the U.S.
  2. U.S. currency and travelers checks are accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted most places.

What Not to Bring

  1. Hard-soled shoes of any kind
  2. Any black-soled shoes
  3. Expensive jewelry, illegal substances, weapons, dress clothes
  4. Your job. You're on vacation - leave your job and worries at home


As storage is limited, please pack light and pack everything into soft foldable luggage like a duffle bag.


Please do not bring any hard-shell luggage which can not be folded when emptied!